Welcome to Trinity College London in Spain and Portugal

Trinity College Spain & Portugal's VLE platform, 'Excellence in Education'has a new teacher support programme for the Academic year, 2017-18

Continue to develop your teaching skills for the challenges you will face with your learners in the new academic year, September 2017 to June 2018. Develop and improve your understanding of Trinity College London's prestigious GESE and ISE Certificates with the help of experienced language skills trainers and E-Moderators of English, using lesson plans, classroom activities and language teaching resources. Discover the 'Trinity Stars Young Performers in English Award'.

Excellence in Education, as an approved service provider for Trinity College London, will open registration on Monday, 17th of October for Stage 2 courses, which will be offered as outlined below. We look forward to sharing ideas with you on one of our free online teacher support courses. 

*To be able to take full advantage of this platform and see more, you need to have an account. If you are not a registered user yet, you can easily create one at http://excellenceineducation.eu/moodle/login/signup.php?

Stage 1: 30/09/2017 - 21/10/2017

1. Quest for Best: Trinity Stars and Teaching Young Learners (15h 3 weeks/4 weekends) 

2. Quest for Best: ISE Foundation / ISE I  Reading & Writing CEFR A2-B1 (15h over 3 weeks/4 weekends) 

3. Quest for Best: ISE II 'Extended Writing', Task 4 CEFR B2 (15h over 3 weeks/4 weekends)

4. Quest for Best: ISE Foundation/ISE I 'Independent Listening' CEFR A2/B1 (15h over 3 weeks/4 weekends)

Stage 2: 28/10/2017 - 02/12/2017

5. Quest for Best: Reading and Writing about Me & My World CEFR B1 (30h over 5 weeks/6 weekends) 

6. Quest for Best: Talking about Me & My World (Speaking & Listening CEFR B1 (30h over 5 weeks/6 weekends) 

7. Quest for Best: Teaching Pronunciation to Young Learners of English (Primary) (30h over 5 weeks/6 weekends)

To apply for a place on one of these courses you must be highly motivated and ideally have at least C1 CEFR level. Login to your account, click on the course title you would like to request and follow the instructions. You will be sent confirmation the day before the course starts. (Please note that numbers are limited to 40 participants, so please do not request a place if you think you may not have enough time). 

NB: ONE course per registered user during a stage. If you do request more than one course, please state your preference on the form in the dialogue box 'comment' in order to avoid being placed in your second choice.

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    Gentle reminder about four NEW courses being offered
    per James Easton - dimecres, 27 setembre 2017, 11:53

    Dear registered user,

    please excuse any cross posting or duplicated messages regarding news of four new courses being open for Excellence in Education's enrolment purposes. Trinity's server in Spain sent out a message to all Recognised Examination Centres with a Flyer that should have contained 3 pages. Unfortunately, only one was attached or delivered by the server. Here are the two pages that were excluded. Please remember to state a preference in the 'COMMENT' box when requesting a place. 

    Thank you and apologies for adding to your 'Inbox'. James