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Quest for Best: CLIL for Primary Edition 2
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Tutor: Laura BautistaTutor: Lola Reeves Garay Abad

Quest for Best: CLIL for Primary Edition 2

Course start date: 13th November 2021
Course end date: 5th December 2021


A practical foundation 3-week, 15-hour, online course on CLIL for Primary.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn all about Content and Language Integrated Learning, from the basic principles to various practical ways to engage learners in the CLIL multi-level classroom. Participants will also explore techniques for inclusion and for the development of skills, as well as work collaboratively exchanging ideas and experiences. 


As a participant, you will familiarise yourself with:
  • Understanding and discovering What CLIL is all about.
  • Implementing CLIL in a meaningful engaging way in the classroom.
  • Helping students develop Higher Order Thinking Skills in a practical way.
  • Adapting CLIL course materials to the multi-level classroom.
  • The application of Scaffolding as a way of inclusion in the multi-level classroom.
  • Dynamic Lesson Planning.
  • Formative assessment in CLIL.

  • TUTOR and course creator: Lola Reeves Garay

  • *** we are sorry to say that we do not have more vacancies on this course. We will be offering this course again soon! Thanks for your interest!

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