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Teacher support for Trinity's ISE Independent Listening Task

Teacher support for Trinity's ISE Independent Listening Task

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

Some teachers have commented that their students have difficulty when attempting to demonstrate the skills and language level needed for the Independent Listening task of Trinity’s ISE Speaking and Listening Module because candidates have to listen to recordings and respond orally.  For this reason, Excellence in Education designed a free online teacher support course called ‘Quest for Best: ISE Foundation / ISE I ndependent Listening (A2/B1)’ to help teachers develop their teaching skills and better understand the two tasks candidates have to complete.

Fortunately, there are still a few places left on this course which started on Saturday, 27thof April, 2019. If you would like to know more please go to where you can request a place. See you there.

Here is a quick overview taken from the Independent listening task (p.16 and p.21 of the Guide for Teachers which you can access at

1. What is the Independent listening task? 

Listening skills are tested in an integrated way together with speaking skills in the Topic task and Conversation task. In the Independent listening task, the candidate has the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of listening skills that are required in lessons and lectures. 

2. What is the procedure for the Independent listening task? 

In ISE I there are two tasks. The candidate listens to a different recording for each task. In the first task the candidate responds to six examiner questions. In the second task the candidate reports
six facts orally to the examiner and then the examiner asks four follow-up questions about the content of the recording. In both tasks the candidate listens to the audio recording twice. 

The candidate is encouraged to take notes when listening to the audio recording in task 1, and the second time the audio recording is played in task 2. However, the candidate’s notes are not assessed as part of the exam.