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Free Webinar on: 'InTILT with CLIL'

Free Webinar on: 'InTILT with CLIL'

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

Saturday, 30th April at 11.00 BST.

‘InTILT’ stands for Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching, while “CLIL” stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning.

This presentation is dedicated to the use of specific language learning technologies and the creation of CLIL courses. No resource, however good, will deliver successful learning outcomes if it is used inappropriately. It is not what ICT (Information and communications technology) can do, but what the teacher can do with ICT in the development of CLIL lessons.

The aim of this webinar is to provide teachers with enough technical knowledge to rethink the educational process in light of technologies suited to planning CLIL courses, through the creative use of web tools and digital environments.

The webinar will discuss the added value of ICT in CLIL: the teacher chooses, proposes and shows effective technologies that are directly functional to the CLIL programme objectives.

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