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Webinar: 'Test Theory-Basic Notions'

Webinar: 'Test Theory-Basic Notions'

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

I’m pleased to announce the first of three EALTA webinars (European Association for Language Testing and Assessment), which are planned for the period up until the EALTA conference in Sevres next year. The first one Test Theory: Basic Notions will be presented byNorman Verhelst and takes place at 3-4pm CET on Friday, October 28th

The invitation link will be posted here once it’s live. In the meantime, the abstract is posted here:  

Test Theory: Basic Notions

This webinar on test theory is meant as a very basic introduction to test theory as a statistical theory. It is non-technical although a few formulae will be presented and explained in detail. It consists of two parts: the first explains classical test theory and the second gives an introduction to Item Response Theory.

In the first part the notions of ‘item’ and ‘score’ are discussed, as well as the fundamental concept of statistical independence. These basic concepts are essential to an understanding of popular descriptions of items, such as difficulty and discrimination, and of tests, such as reliability. In the second part, a brief introduction is given to item response theory (IRT), where the basic ingredients of all IRT models are introduced in a non-technical way. The essential steps of an IRT analysis will be explained using the simplest of all models, the Rasch model. Most of the material presented in the webinar can be found in the following article: Norman Verhelst (2014) Test Theory: Some Basic Notions. Education and Science, 39, 172, 3-19. (The article can be freely downloaded from