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Teaching for Success: the Classroom and the World

Teaching for Success: the Classroom and the World

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

Explore 21st-century skills, ICT and multilingual approaches with this English language teaching professional development course.

FREE 4 week course starting 29th May, 2017

The course is aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language at all levels. Intermediate level English (around B1 on the CEFR) is required.

Promoting 21st century skills 
Understanding 21st century skills; Critical thinking; Collaboration and communication; Fostering creativity

Integrating ICT 
How does technology affect the way we teach; Evaluating technology; Technology, autonomy and collaboration

Understanding educational policies and practice 
How educational policy affects teachers; Child protection; Internet safety; Applying policy

Using multilingual approaches 
Your classroom linguistic context; The impact of other languages on learning; Multilingual teaching approaches; World Englishes and the future of English