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Course Feedback for the Second Editions of 'Quest for Best': GESE Initial, grades 1, 2, 3 and GESE Elementary, grades 4,5,6.

Course Feedback for the Second Editions of 'Quest for Best': GESE Initial, grades 1, 2, 3 and GESE Elementary, grades 4,5,6.

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

The second editions of the 'Quest for Best' online courses: GESE Initial and GESE Elementary, have also received excellent feedback from the course participants:

Feedback comments for 'Quest for Best: GESE Initial grades 1, 2, 3' (42 Participants)

"I really enjoyed the course and I loved it. I would like to attend more courses in the future if possible. Thanks a lot and see you again”.

"... glad to participate in the course. Now I've got many more activities to teach my students in these three first GESE levels. Furthermore, the environment has been very good between both the participants and the course moderator”.

"It was great to hear ideas from other teachers, and also it was a good personal experience to take some time to think slowly about games, exercises....”.

"Sharing information with other colleagues is really good because you can learn different ways to teach ...”.

Feedback comments for 'Quest for Best: GESE Elementary grades 4, 5, 6' (60 participants)

"The forums give us a lot of good ideas and corrections to improve our teacher's work”.

"I have found it really interesting, useful. I have picked up much information about Trinity exams, some new great ideas to introduce a topic & develop it leading to conversation phase. I have jotted down some games, questions to make a class challenging & appealing to stds. Thx a lot”.

"It is really interesting hearing from other people's experiences and ideas because you can use them in your lessons”.

"I enjoyed too much this course, and I think it was very useful to me, as I learnt a lot of things that are very important for preparing students for TRINITY official exam. The forum was marvellous as all teachers have shared some tips and techniques that we can use in our classes”.

89,5% of the participants who completed the 'Quest for Best GESE' online courses said they had been encouraged to think about participating in further training with Trinity Training and 10,5% said perhaps. And you? Would you like to participate in a free online training course to help you develop your English language teaching skills and your understanding of how language learners can communicate more effectively.

Trinity Training will offer more short training courses, which will focus on 'best teaching practice' for different levels of the CEFR, especially B1, B2 and C1. Further editions of the successful 'Teaching pronunciation to Young Learners of English' and the 'Quest for Best: GESE Initial' and 'Quest for Best Elementary' courses will also be offered in the autumn for teachers wanting to explore and exchange ideas for preparing their candidates for Trinity's Graded Examinations in Spoken English.