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Teachers and Time Management

Teachers and Time Management

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

"Taking back time: how to do everything you want to do" 

In this webinar, Sandy Millin (DOS at IH Bydgoszcz in Poland), will share eight tips to help you manage your time more effectively, and (hopefully!) reduce your stress levels in the process, both in your professional and personal lives. They should lead to you being able to both tackle the things you already do more efficiently, and adding new habits that you thought you could never have time for. It will be particularly useful for managers and those interested in fitting professional development in around their current schedules, but would be relevant to anybody who ever struggles with only having 24 hours in the day! What's more, it may also help you manage your time more effectively when  participating in another short online teacher support  course that 'Excellence in Education', Trinity College - Spain & Portugal will offer in the coming academic year.

Date: Thursday 6 July 2017

Time: 16.00 UK time (find out the time where you are).

You can register here

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