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Assessment Literacy videos

Assessment Literacy videos

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

Assessment literacy - helping you to navigate through it.

Trinity and EAQUALS launch a series of informative videos: watch them here at

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that more needs to be done to help teachers develop functional awareness of different approaches to educational assessment. This is to ensure that teaching is focused on stated educational goals and supports learner achievement. Known as assessment literacy, this umbrella term covers a range of topics from in-class formative assessment to the underlying principles of test design, and other key areas where there is a call for greater teacher engagement to help raise educational standards. James Popham’s article on the topic of Assessment Literacy argues for greater coverage of this area in initial teacher education and in CPD.

To help meet the growing requirement to support teachers’ needs, Trinity College London has collaborated with EAQUALS to create a series of 12 Trinity TESOL assessment videos that focus on developing teachers’ assessment literacy across a range of areas. Freely available on the Trinity TESOL YouTube playlist. these videos provide an introduction to key areas in assessment literacy, including, amongst many others, constructive alignment, diagnostic assessment and the use of Bloom’s taxonomy.