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Start 2018 with a free online teacher support course!

Start 2018 with a free online teacher support course!

by James Easton - Number of replies: 0

Excellence in Education would like to wish all registered users, a Happy New Year 2018 smile 

There are two 15-hour courses on offer in Stage 1 of Term 2, which will cover the exam format and oral skills at B2, C1 & C2 (CEFR) in Trinity's GESE Intermediate and GESE Advanced levels. Registration is now open and the course will start on 13/01/2018. 

In Stage 2 of Term 2, there are two 30-hr courses 'Quest for Best: Developing Speaking and Listening Skills' and 'Quest for Best Developing Reading and Writing skills'. State school teachers in Catalunya who successfully complete  these courses, will obtain a certificate from the Generalitat valid for points in 'oposiciones' and 'traslados'. State school teachers in other Comunidades can request a certificate from Trinity, and present it to the Generalitat (in Spanish or Catalan), which will be valid in any comunidad.

The two 30-hour courses will start on 20/01/2018 and aim to help teachers improve and develop their teaching skills and understanding in two areas: a) 'speaking and listening skills' and b) 'reading and writing skills'. Registration is now open. 

PLEASE NOTE: The 30-hour courses are basically the same as 'Quest for Best: Talking about Me and My World (Speaking & Listening)' and 'Quest for Best: Reading and Writing about Me and My World', but with additional assignments and a slightly different focus, so if you have participated in these courses in the past, please bear this in mind before requesting a place.

More information can be found in the attached file. 

On with the learning smile James Easton