Start: 24th February  Finish 29th March, 2020   
*will be offered again*    

A free, 30-hour online course offering teacher support over 5 weeks that covers important  aspects of teaching pronunciation to young learners of English. Participants will work on: 

  • phonemic awareness and phonics; 
  • word stress and 'weak forms';
  • Sentence stress, connected speech and linking; 
  • a focus on sounds and matters concerning accent and intelligibility; 
  • and rhymes, chants, songs and pronunciation games. 
The course has: challenging and inspiring presentations by experts; tasks that encourage a reflective approach; discussion forums for participants to air their views and learn from colleagues; and activity-based learning involving the creation of tasks. Much of the course can be done at your own pace, although there are some group activities that are best done within the same time frame. 

To apply for a place on this course you must be highly motivated and ideally have C1 CEFR level. Confirmation will be sent on Sunday, 23rd February.  Numbers are limited to 40 participants so please do NOT request a place if you think you may not have enough free time. 

Please note: you may only participate in ONE course! If you do request more than one course, you MUST state your first choice on the course enrolment form in the first box entitled 'Comment' This can avoid assigning you on a course of your second choice. Places are offered on a first come- first served basis.