From Saturday, 18th January to Sunday, 9th February, 2020
*will be offered again* 

A 3 week, 15 hour, free online course over 4 weekends to encourage participants to look at ways of preparing their students to develop the type of 21st century skills that are becoming more and more important. The course will look at ways to help students to be more discerning creative and critical thinkers.

This course will look at the skill of critical thinking and concentrate on activities to help teachers and learners understand, develop and refine the following skills: what is 'critical thinking' and why it is an important skill for students to have; understand the use of Infographics and how they are being increasingly used to convey complex information; how learners can effectively decode infographics; and how to design these types of tasks with rationales

To apply for a place on this course you must be highly motivated and ideally have at least C1 CEFR level. Just click on the course title, follow the instructions and  confirmation will be sent on Friday, 17th January. Numbers are limited to 40 participants, so please do NOT request a place if you think you may not have enough free time. NB: ONE course per registered user!