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A 3 week, 15 hour, online course over 4 weekends to help teachers prepare candidates for the Speaking and Listeninging module of Trinity College London's Integrated Skills in English at Foundation and ISE I levels. The main aims are to familiarise participants with: the format of the Topic Task; the format of the Conversation Task; and ways to improve communication skills when speaking. (NB: This course does not include the Independent Listening Task. This is offered as a separate 15-hour course).

The course includes challenging and inspiring resources; tasks to encourage a reflective approach; activity-based learning where participants also create classroom resources; and discussion forums for participants to share their views and learn from colleagues.Participants can progress through much of the course at their own pace, but are expected to participate actively. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those who successfully complete the course.

To apply for a place on one of these courses you must be highly motivated and ideally have at least C1 CEFR level. Just click on the course title, follow the instructions and confirmation will be sent on xxxxxxxxxxx Numbers are limited to 40 participants, so please do NOT request a place if you think you may not have enough time. 

Please note: you may only participate in ONE course per ‘stage’! If you do request more than one course, you MUST state your first choice on the application form in the first box that says 'Comment' to avoid being placed on a course of your second choice.