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File Revised ISE Information for Students

Booklet for students for the Revised ISE exam that will go live 1st September 2015

Page Netiquette for discussion forums and chats

Here are a few obvious considerations to bear in mind when posting on a discussion forum or chatting.

Page The Internet TESL Journal- resources

Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links 

Folder ISE Foundation

Here are files containing information about the new revised ISE examinations

Folder ISE I

Here are files for the Revised ISE I Exam Sept 2015

Folder ISE II

Here are current files

Folder ISE III

Here are the current files

File Trinity Lancaster Corpus

The aim of the Trinity Lancaster Corpus project is to create a large corpus of learner speech which will become a leading research tool in a wide range of contexts including Second Language Acquisition, language testing and L2 pedagogy and materials development.

Folder Writing Toolkit for Revised ISE (Foundation - ISE III)

Writing toolkit for ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II, ISE III.

Process Approach

Folder ‘Scheme of Work’: Resources for ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II

8 x 10 hour modules  for each of the  ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III levels with NEW resources for teachers.

File Audio 'Stress-timed' 1234

MP3 file for demonstrating a stress-timed language on the QfB: Teaching pronunciation to YLs.

File New Challenges for Language Testing 2016
File Performance Descriptors for the Interview (GESE & ISE)

Assessment descriptors

URL English Language Publications for Trinity College London exams

If you are searching for ELT books to help you with GESE and/or ISE preparation, you might like to check Trinity’s shop for titles for the level(s) you are interested in.

Please note that Trinity College London does not validate all publications offering support materials, but some are approved as suitable exam preparation material. Just click on English Language Publications

URL Trinity TESOL Qualifications
File Discover Trinity College London for Schools

TCL brochures for schools

File Trinity Stars: Young performers in English Award

Trinity Stars

File Language control forum task

Extended Writing Task 4 course material

File GESE Examination Specifications, April 2020
Folder Assessment Literacy Video Worksheets

To be used with the 'Introduction to Assessment Literacy videos Introduction to Assessment Literacy

File Trinity Young Learner Pathway to English Language

Introducing children to language learning and assessment with Trinity Stars makes learning English fun and prepares students to take the big step from group assessment to individual assessment and recognition of their achievements through formal qualifications.

File Trinity College London: Brand Guideline for Registered Exam Centres
File ISE Centre Best Practice Guidebook
File GESE Centre Best Practice Guidebook
File ISE for Higher Education Institutions
File Discover Trinity: English language qualifications that change lives

File Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Excellence in Education Online Courses

How to get the most out of EiE

File Audio for 'Schwa' Limerick

An iPhone memo file recording for Quest for Best: Teaching Pronunciation to Young learners of English 2019 from a limerick written by Jim Scrivener.

File Student portfolio feedback form

Student portfolio feedback form

File Forum rules and Netiquette
File How to mark practice ISE exam materials

From TCL

Page Transformative Teachers Webinar Recordings

Trinity College London has collated the hugely successful 'Transformative Teachers Training Webinar Series' that was offered throughout 2018. You can access all the videos and summary notes at:

File ISE Guide for Higher Education Institutions and Universities

TCL source

File Trinity Exams Framework Alignment

TCL source

File Transformative Teachers Webinar Series: Notes and videos

Trinity College London has collated the hugely successful 'Transformative Teachers Training Webinar Series'that was offered throughout 2018. You can access the all videos and summary notes at:

Enjoy the resources, James Easton (VLE Coordinator)

URL Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit

Let the Global Scale of English (GSE) save you time and improve the quality and relevance of your English classes. The GSE Teacher Toolkit makes it quick and easy to find learning objectives, grammar, vocabulary and coursebook recommendations all mapped to the GSE and CEFR.

File Certificate for Practising Teachers

The Trinity CertPT is for teachers seeking to update, improve and enrich their professional teaching practice. It draws upon qualified TESOL teachers’ existing knowledge of teaching practice and theory, while promoting the acquisition and refinement of the specialist skills needed to develop and use effective teaching resources.

File Cerificado para Profesores en Ejercicio

El Trinity CertPT está destinado a profesores que buscan actualizar, mejorar y enriquecer su práctica docente profesional.

File CertPT